Steps That You Should Take After A Bicycle Accident

There is an increase in the number of cyclists who will end up sustaining injuries from bike accidents, and this can be attributed to the high number of individuals who are adopting cycling as a method of commuting during the summer. But the bike accidents are usually caused by distracted driving as well as negligence, thus the need for one to ensure that they seek compensation. When you have been injured in an accident with a car, there is the need to work with a Washington cycling attorneys who will work to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

After being involved in a Washington bike accident, one should know how to deal with their claim to ensure that they are compensated. Individuals who qualify for a claim are the cyclists who crashed into a vehicle and not any other accident. Irrespective of whether you were at fault or not, the Washington bike attorney will make sure that you get compensated. But in the case of individuals who end up sustaining injuries and there is enough proof that it wasn't their fault can benefit from more compensation from the car's third-party liability coverage. Here are steps that you should take after a bike accident in Washington.

The first step after the occurrence of a bike accident is reporting the accident to the police. If you aren't too injured to contact the police, ensure that you inform them about the crash and also make sure that you only stick to the facts. It isn't just the car driver who should report to the police, but even the cyclist also needs a copy of the accident report.

For one to file a claim, they will need to have the contact information of the driver who was at fault. One also needs to obtain contact information for the witness around as their testimony will be valuable.

It is also advisable that one has their injuries documented and the easiest way is seeking treatment and ensuring that you keep a thorough record of the procedure. If you haven't been working due to the bike accident, there is the need to have that documented as well.

One takes the next step and files a claim in the form of a tort claim. One should make sure that the victims file their claim within two years from the accident's date. One needs the help of an experienced Washington. More information click here:

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